Friday, June 29, 2007

Today's lab was done rather unsuccessfully, which was quite a disappointment...why is it that I could get the phone up, but yet I can't get the image in the phone? I even managed to solve my tcp/ip LAN connections thingy.

VCN lecture was also mah-jong-ing session for Eugene, Cas, Steph and I. It was fun, but sadly I got last (I wasn't that sad that time!) Not much people was listening to the lab either, everybody was distracted by something. After mahjonging session, we continued to play maple..but only for a while as IPD was starting.

IPD was just starting on the documentation for our project. Kah Heng is god, he was doing the whole VLSM, and chiminology stuff. hahas. (:

Thursday was siann la, Kah Heng and I was partnering for ANS lab, got some problems cork up at the encap and decap packet part...we keep punching in the ACL, and pinging over and over again...After about 30minutes or so, we realised we have been right after all..Damn~ After lesson, called both JX and Ron...funny conversation as stated below...

ME: Char work full time at NCS ar? (I know, sound so auntie right?!)
JX *laughs* No la, temp staff....ya?
ME: You got Microsoft Visio anot?
JX: Huh? Dun have la, call Ron, he should have...
ME: zz...ok *zhao zi dao straight away call Ron*

So, I went on the sms Ron, but that ah pek never reply so I call him

ME: Uncle!!! You got Visio anot?
RON: Dun have I never use, you ask other people, ask Yee Shiang.

Then he continued asking why I don't get from school of which I stated that rather impossible lecturer don't care and school dun have. Asking YS would mean getting suan by him..And ask me to beg from people in NTU or NUS (which I will not do so)

RON: Aiyah~go Toa Payoh get those pirated one la....
ME: zz...NO! Later tomorrow my face on headline news.

Si Ah Pek, ask me do illegal things...hahas, in the end, I managed to persuade him to help me get from Adrian Lee :D of which he was sweet enough to do so. yeah~ (:

1 week passed so fast...I don't know what I've done and I'm growing old day by day. Eeks...~!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Inverted Butterfly

R.I.P Chris Benoit

Kinda shocked when I saw the news this afternoon, to think someone I looked up to was involved in a double homicide, and he actually committed suicide.

Alright, on the bright side, there's no school for me today, slap that Terrence for passing the wrong message to me...he's forever that blur and always late. hahas. Shall meet up with Kah Heng and Eugene tomorrow morning to do the IPD that we weren't too bothered to do during the 2 weeks short vacation.

Back to reality and maybe a lil maple-ing after that. (:

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007
2nd day of school

School is still bored as usual, I missed waking up late, and able to chat with boi late into the night. Such activity has been brought an abrupt halt since school started yesterday. D: Got back our C.T results yesterday, quite surprised with the results, cuz I was a lil too gan chiong during the test la. LKY kept suaning me during the test, slap him. And thankfully whatever that happened the day before the test didn't get me to affected.

My results are as stated below
FNS - 92/100
VCN - 80/100

Yeah-ness, all the hard work hadn't gone down the drain (:

I just realised some people can just be so anal. Only know how to pass remarks to critisize others. Irritating arses..but no, I'm not going to slap or scold the person. I'd just leave the person to be dealt by others. D***HEAD :x

Waiting for IN4 lesson to start, while Cas they all are mahjong-ing. :P Thankfully, I&E is finally over. Hugs to the Bona Fide gang for the hardwork and I've enjoyed myself (though there were certain last minutes changes that got us stress) thoroughly...Mass dance was fun yet tiring. Thanks guys, everyone did well :)

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Sunday, June 24, 2007
Post Birthday Recount

I'm 19, and I'm not happy about it. Following are the reasons that make me siann.

1.) 19 would just mean I'm growing out of teen-hood
2.) I can no longer be 18 T-T
3.) Means I'm gonna graduate, and graduation = work. :(

Went BP for lunch and see what I've got..

Missy Donuts~ :D

The flavors are somewhat the same as the ones at Donut Factory, but yes, have to wait for quite a while before you get it. BUT the Q isn't as long and crazy like DF.

The donuts that I got are as the following ...

Pistachio Crunch Mocha Ole Kaya Wonder Apple Cinnamon Green Tea Glazed Almond Lover (:

I love you Boy~ ((:

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Frequently going down the temple lately, it was a nice experience.. (: The two weeks have just flown by me, school's gonna start tomorrow. Got an email from LCK, make me more an xin, cuz it means I didn't fail which is good.

My birthday wasn't all fantastic and whatsoever. Went down the temple to help do volunteer work, really tiring but yet meaningful. Momma told me that we shall celebrate on the 23rd instead. Head down Raffles' City to have lunch at the Food Junction, after that we went to Coffee Club for tea. (:

The bee was so sweet as usual. He sent a message before the actual day, apologising for not being able to spend time with me, loves to him. It's good we don't meet everyday. Absence makes the heart fonder, isn't it? And no, I still don't wanna try to do it. It'd get all wet and disgusting. :P

I wanna get the Hannibal Rising novel! Just saw the soft cover version of the book which I am definitely gonna get. Yeah~ :P So many things to get, so lil money...I told momma I wanna either get an IPOD video or Nano...but which is better?!


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Friday, June 22, 2007


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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

You aren't as good as u claim to be. Yes Bitch, you ain't.

Does it mean I could ask it to you virtually Die Bitch Die!

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Friday, June 08, 2007
Di Dum Dum

In school right now, fuck la. Make me come all the way to school to see the director for that frigging 15 minutes. LUCKILY I didn't cab, if not I'd cry la. ): Went to check out the broadband prices for Singtel, M1 and Starhub...if I'm gonna choose a plan with both wired and wireless plus high speed, which provider is better? Really need an opinion on this. ):

Waiting for my sister to end her paper, then it'd be movie marathon time. Funny that I watch Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and 3...without 2. Made me dead lost in the movie last last week. Thankfully I managed to get my reserved selection this fast. ((: At least my trip to school today was not wasted.

Did my eye checkup yesterday...gonna make one with transition lense. Increase of 25degree for my left eye, which is good...considering it's been 3 years since I did my specs. (: Gonna collect the specs next week...hopefully I don't look too nerdy in it. And it only cost me $185 (lens + frames).

Still deciding on what I'm gonna do this 2 weeks. Most probably going Sentosa, have to do a decent makeover to my room (cuz it's frigging messy la~) and I can't think of much. The bee is still busy as usual, therefore thou shalt not disturb the boyfriend unless neccessary. (:

Like to thank those who showed their care and concern to whatever that happened last week. And love to the cousin for listening to my cries~and comforting too. and my dear bee...I still love you~! Totally understand of the busy schedule of yours. *kisses*

and then let's meet up at the Fourth Avenue Cafe :) Cheerios

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Things are getting clearer and clear. I understand truly when they say everything will change, especially friendship. Everything single thing that happen this week slapped me on the fast. I finally understand how it feels to be left out, and also have that kind of friends. Yes, it is saddening BUT that's reality.

I don't need your lies. Pokerface, always pretending to be so nice to me but yet behind your smiles is just pure hypocrisy. Its like I smile and talk to you doesn't mean I like you. Yes, thankfully, you made me understand who you truly are. I'm grateful for that, and it's really stupid of me to actually regard you as a good friend.

Totally agreed with what he say! I don't need such people to bring down my emotions, maybe it makes you happy to see me breaking down and stuff. I am going to forgive you, but I swear I'd never forget these things that you have said, or people around you have said.

THEREFORE, GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY LIFE! I don't need to see whatever I don't wish to for now. (:


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Tuesday, June 05, 2007
Books that "rant" on and on

It was all about the studying and nothing else. Met Ting Ting at the library, and started studying till about 5.30pm. Really fruitful, cause by explaining the concepts to her, I am able to learn it too! (:

I was chatting to him yesterday, the conversation was very interesting. The things he wanted me to answer was just quite a toughie. He didn't find any of my answers satisfactory. Therefore, does it mean I am wrong? He didn't even see a point in dropping a hint or two. Since he's always being so sweet, he shall be the honeybee. :D He gave me that look when I told him bout the bee thingy. Makes me laugh all the time.

Hopefully I can remember the concepts, diagram for tomorrow's test..Talking to CSP about the study trip to China, it seems tempting...but I rather go the Beijing trip with my family. (:


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Monday, June 04, 2007
Of Vowels and price

Stress level only drop about 25%. The remaining % are still for FNS! Whatever happened yesterday shall be it, there shall be no tears for such matter. If it was to happen, then it shall happen...I don't need that kind of thing to pull me down. It's more about D.B.D! Die and begone! Sheesh. Thanks to my cousin, and family for hearing and knocking some sense into me. It made me realise that nothing is forever, everything do change! Whether I like it anot. And yes, IHY!

Today's paper is ok, could attempt about 70% of the paper...totally left out final question as I hadn't read up about that. So I don't deserve that 10 marks. D: Chiong FNS later and tomorrow, and do a movie marathon on Friday. Deciding on the movie...


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