Monday, October 29, 2007

"Can we just remain as friends" was the last sentence from our phone conversation. I am NOT unhappy with my relationship BUT we have no time for each other. Whenever I'm free, he's not and vice versa. We can even meet like once a month. So un-couple like lor. He didn't say anything. Hur hur...

Lesson ended at like 11+ so went down Orchard as Steph needed to submit something. Took 171 and alighted after 1 stop just to change to 174. Still thinking whether or not I gonna join them for Seoul Garden this Friday. Kinda lazy to wake up early in the morning lately.

Lunch at PS Kopitiam. Tried the Japanese stall's egg with chicken rice. Totally disappointed as it wasn't like the picture. It was so nua, when I look at it, I was wondering if it was the one that I've ordered. What the heck, already ordered so guai guai eat. BOO~!

Lecture is still boring. Distractions, distractions and more distractions. If these goes on, how to pass WLT and RAN?! -.-

*Lab have officially become chiong-ing time.

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Friday, October 26, 2007

End of week 2, so darn fast. Have not been paying attention in classes. RAN lecture today was Art class for me. I spent the entire lesson doing this!

Always can't seem to get the snake on the cross right. ZZZ! Total sianness. I really shouldn't be doing this in lesson, BUT it's too darn boring can.

Picture Update (:

Went down Conrad Hotel for MFT 5th Anniversary Dinner. (:

Dessert - Red Bean Paste (The only dish I looked forward to)

With Nick Shen

My Cousin & I ( Maple Character)

Gotta run, Swimming Time



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Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Seasonal Rating

Insomnia. I'm only 19 and I am struck with this. Many sleepless night only result in my tiredness during lecture. My my, where's the I'd push myself to the limit motto.

Not bothering to upload any photo as I'm just pure lazy. ):

When's our date? So many things I really wanna tell you after so long. :) Long updates after tomorrow.

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Monday, October 22, 2007
Untold Scandal

Almost 5-6 years relationship, but not much of the excitement. Ahh~this is gonna be quite bad for us. I missed him when he goes overseas, but I don't miss him badly. I think we should make it a point to meet up once every week to ignite the flames (:

Frigging shagged cuz I couldn't really get decent rest last night. Terrible discomfort at 1 am, and miraculously ended at about 3 plus. The sudden downpour in the early morning had me jumped out of bed to close the window. I wanted to simply ignore the rain, but not to the extend of spoiling the printer if it got wet.

This semester is ugly. Monday is WLT day, Tuesday and Friday is RAN day. Seems like a relaxing schedule but it's decieving. Totally shagged after that labs. Friday shall also be the day to go swimming. (:

Hooked onto Rosemary's baby. Gonna find time to go see What Ever Happened to Baby Jane in school. I don't seem to understand the class I'm attending, I don't seem to be concentrating in my studies. Sigh.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007
Open Your Arms

IS day today. Totally relax and laid back. The WISP Teacher was sweet, bubbly and nice. (=

Quarrelled with the boy over the phone last night. The last words from him was that he thinks I'm not being understanding and why can't I be more caring and blah blah blah. Fuck~! freaking irritating ok. I tried to be as understanding as possible. I know you're busy so I never complained or whined even when I don't get to see you for like a week or so. T-T

Thursday is officially no school day (: I can finally get up late *hohoho*

Although I said I hate you, deep down I still love you. *bah

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Monday, October 15, 2007
Contradicting Actions

The boy is coming back soon and he has offered to get the pink DS lite for me BUT I rejected it. He didn't sound too happy after I told him I don't want him to buy it for me. He gave me that bf should shower his gf with love and gifts lecture all over again. WTH~!

The start of school just signfies the sudden loss of complete freedom. =X WLT lecture was like so gg, couldn't really catch what Mr. Henry was trying to say. Such a large class. Prefer the lectures last semester cause there were only like 20 in a class compared to a lecture class of 49. Damn

Momma got Leah Dizon's Destiny Line for me (: The only songs that are on my repeat are Softly, and Koi Shiyō. Glad it packaged with a DVD of her MVs, which meant I need not have to watch it on YouTube.

Managed to get hold of the e-book of the story I've heard from the show "Thesis" last night. Gonna get it from Yahoo! Auction if possible so that I need not have to waste my printer's ink.

October 30th gonna be the boy's birthday, but he's not quite interested to celebrate it cause birthday is the day when he realise he is getting old. LOL!

Just realised today how high level both Casilda and Eugene are in maple world. It makes me so inferior. LOL.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007
Insane Memories

I'm kinda letting my blog nua by not updating and yes, the boy has been complaining. I don't understand, when do you read my blog? hur hur hur. Sometimes I don't understand what he is thinking.

Holidays ending in 3 days, and I am so not looking forward to school. No more waking up late and playing like nobody's business. Time just flew by me and it is already last semester. Damn. I think gonna cry during graduation ceremony. (Hopefully I don't :x)

Resident Evil 3 was kinda not like what I've expected. Yes, they do have horrible looking zombie, they have Claire, they still kept Alice. But but, it's still not what I've anticipated. The make-you-jump-as-you-watch moment is quite expected ( but I still got frightened once in a while). And it's so weird, all the clone stuff. The ending kinda hinted there's gonna be part 4 coming up. So hopefully I will still be interested. *Alice is still totally the kick-those-zombie's-butt chic!* (:

I'm gonna save up on my $$ to buy myself the pink (yeah~!) Nintendo DS-Lite. Was planning to get it but then momma agreed to get the psp slim so DS-Lite has gonna wait. (:

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I thought you are my good friend, I thought I could share stuff with you. AND I just realised it isn't the case.

Talking to someone about my checkup. The doctor says that if 1 month later, my ear continue to have fluid, then will have to pierce a hole in my ear-drum to let the fluid flow out. First, Doc claims that it'd heal, then later say some cases won't. zzz. I mean hello, I am not gonna risk going deaf because of that. I told the person, and I recieve that lecture about things I should or should not do. Sigh.

I thought I could have someone to share, but such hostility.

School gonna start, and YES~! Still in the same class as Cas, Eugene, Ah Heng.

Woo Hoo~

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