Wednesday, November 30, 2005

doing reports always seem a good thing for me, cause it allows me to sit there and just read to do my research. and reading is good. i dont know if my report is good enough. i tried my best to read, understand and try to rewrite everything in my own words. i hope i dont get involve in any plagarism case. this is a chance for an AD, and i cant afford to lose it.

been rather tired, and my leg muscles are aching. too much walking, standing has worsen it. but then, never mind, as least i am doing some form of exercise. so in another way, its a great thing.

lessons til 7. had make up lessons for AEL. lethargic and i was practically not listening to anything the teacher is saying. i am not critisizing my teacher's abilities, but after a long day in school, who wont get tired.

movie with my cousin on friday. woo-hoo..great. i can get to meet her again. wonderful! its been almost a month since the last time we met. place to meet..well..its gotta be bugis again la. no choice. i want to catch a movie there.

yawn..the report has drain me dry. doing some reading before i get to greet sweet dreams...


Because Of You... ... ...

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Thursday, November 24, 2005
opening Run

hadnt been blogging lately, due to over whelming school work and stuff. its making me rather lethargic. so many things to do, so little time.

ComT: thought of writing about the mentality of a serial killer. what made them have the urge to commit murder and what they are thinking about in the process of slaughtering their victims.

IAC: high possibility that we'd be doing on euthanasia. will do another round of discussion with my team mates to decide whether they want to do on this topic.

nothing fun has been happening in my life, except school; i supposed. OOP is such a breeze, hope can at least get an AD for that. dislike both my math tutor and lecturer. i still prefer mrs au and mr lim sia. they are much much better.

no sign of that guy, but i am hoping. still hoping. and great! my brother is coming back from australia tomorrow. so i guess i cant give ge ge his tuition already. cuz gotta go to the airport.

i dont hate your face, i merely dislike it.


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Friday, November 18, 2005
I am ...

if i can have super powers just for one day. i want to be like harry potter, got magic powers, invisibility etc. etc. etc...yup. the movie is release today. no time and money to watch. wait for people to pei me go watch~ hahaha...

truly a masterpiece! that's me with the blue & white shoe, Cas with the white and somewhat yellowish or brownish thingy, and Fir with the black shoe~ we took this while we were waiting to for AEL practical yesterday. i love this picture too much~

as for today, we took another one during OOP lecture. the teacher lectured us again for being late, and it aint our fault. but too bad, she dont give a damn. all she cares is that the lecture starts on time. school end at 1120 for me today, cuz apparently, mr chan wasnt free to take us. so...too bad, its home sweet home for me then~

pic of the day... ... ...

nice? that's our middle finger, or the "fucking" finger. the international finger. (something like that) ok, i admit, i was freakingly bored. that's why i wanted this pic to be taken! but the quality isnt so good, cuz my camera wasnt good enough compared to cas's phone. shucks~

it seems promise are meant to be broken, people dont keep their promises. they promise, or swear or whatever that they'll do this, but end up they dont do it. if you cant do it, what is the point of giving empty promises. i dont deny that at times i am like that, but i am trying my best not to disappoint anyone, and most importantly, MYSELF! a promise made to self must be kept, and i see a need to it!

life has been excellent. no worries, no trouble, no problems. i love all my dearie friends, korkors and mei mei. i have great friends who stand by me. happiness is there by me, and i am enjoying this blessing. no point brooding over the past. life is short, i must make the best out of it and live meaningfully and lalalala~

i still hadnt met that guy. i guess its fated that i am never going to meet him, he might have been a second or third year student. aww shucks, i cant see him, cant talk to him nor can i date him out in future. there goes all my chances. i should have seize the opportunity when i met him during the first semester, but i guess its a little too late to feel regretful!

= Quote of the day =

Beer: helping ugly people get laid since 1823

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

nice? firdaus kor kor. acting cool with.....err...a lollipop! we had nothing better to do in class, and we're not paying attention in class. lectures has been rather boring. so we spend most of our lecture time taking useless picture. wasting electricity, oxygen and cellphone memory space.

======= ~ ======
i have homosexual tendencies. i do have. at times, i do get turn on by women. smart women and men turn me on! i dont care if you lie to me, or what. as long as you are smart. then, ya, i may fall for you!

hope to meet up with yuanee, pass her the money for the ayumi stuff she help me get through yahoo auction. hahaha...

nothing more to blog. i am waiting for something or someone that can spice up my life. still waiting til i am almost falling asleep ~ ZzZzzzZZzz ~

quote of the day : An unfortunate person is one tries to fart but shits instead

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Saturday, November 12, 2005
Key ~eternal tie ver~

my life has just gotten better and better. cuz of the people around me. they are wonderful and fantastic! they always there to cheer me up. tolerate all my nonsense and just go crazy with me. and i found another person to have lunch with me already. ~ hao ge ge ~

i have a great family in school. i have got a sister and 2 brothers who cares. they're the nicest people to hang out with. *muack* i love you all. ge ge, mei mei ai ni~ lmfao!!

wasting the oxygen and electricity. i dont like people dying, esp people i know, cause it seems that when one person die, another follows and another. its doesnt stop. i get a little uneasy when i learn that someone i once knew has passed away.

fuck cant be complete without you!

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teddy bear

its been another week of school. and i am having a great time there. i love my fifi kor kor, hao hao ge ge and casilda mei mei. the holidays just made me learn so much valuable stuff. but i am glad to be still studying, hanging out with all my close friends and everything.

where is my baby? never go gai gai with me sia~ naughty baby. always promise le then forget. never mind, you must be busy with school. anyway, baby I LOVE YOU! ("v") *muack*

my brother left for australia on wednesday. suddenly, i feel that the house is not the same. cuz usually, he'd be home from camp to spend the weekends, but then, now that he is in australia, i guess i'll only get to see him 3 weeks from now.

i am prone to injury. i've cut myself again. another scar on my hand. it seems i enjoy brushing against sharp object, or the protective covers on the book and bla bla bla.

well..i am enjoying school, but not the lessons...IN2 is still fine, i am coping well with it. OOP sucks man, though i do enjoy the programming part. i DONT like my lecturer, she speaks alien language, i cant understand what she's saying due to her strong accent. AEL is fine too, mr yee is still as lame as he was. EG2 lecture is totally boring, FKA is too boring...the way he speaks, no emotion, no expression. OLE is much better! EPS2 was not bad, lecturer is wonderful but then i still prefer Tony Bong~

therefore, the lecturers we have in first semester is much better! too bad, we didnt appreciate them before. xin yi zhong bu pi jiu yi hao! how true. wise men are indeed wise, if not, they wont be called wise, right? duh! i am not making sense. lala

quote of the day :
My life is like a porno-movie, without the sex

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Saturday, November 05, 2005

great day to start off. lessons at 9. met jamie at the bus interchange, such coincidence! wonderful, i hadnt seen her for quite a while. today is only the 3rd day of school, and quite a number of people didnt attend sia. tsk tsk...

eg2 was like shit. i dont like my lecturer. but then, no matter what. i gotta endure and get my A+ or AD. i need more self disipline. AEL was alright. mr yee was still as lame. no tutorial today, which means i only attended 2 hours of school today. though it was a waste of money coming to school just for 2 hours. the time spent with my mates was priceless.

fate really is playing hide and seek with me. blame my coward inner self. now i hadnt even met him, not even once. i regret it so much. i should have approach and talk to him sooner. but then i can only hope i get to meet him next week. *prays*

did i mention that my IS communication toolkit lecturer Suzanne was terrific. man, she's friendly and totally awesome. i will be looking forward to that lesson. :D

love how everything is nice. love how my friends are always there for me. i just love waking up every morning knowing that people still care and love me for who i am. love how my life has become more meaningful since school started. i love attending school and hanging out with the people i love.

yes, i love all my peeps. they are the most wonderful people who had made a difference in my life.

i miss my baby.

quote of the day : Kids in back seats cause accidents, accidents in back seats cause kids

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Friday, November 04, 2005

- 2nd Nov -
lessons was quite ok. fifi kor kor was late. didnt attend math lesson. eg2 lecturer was like fuck. i was trying my very best to listen in class but to no avail. but i am glad at least something went in. but i've learnt those pythagoras' stuff in secondary school. still hadnt meet the guy yet. had lunch with my hao hao ge ge. nice catching up with old friends after the long break.

i will talk to that guy when i meet him. i will. give me moral support, ok? haha...everytime i see him, very paiseh, dont dare to approach. then in the end, i regret cuz holiday cannot date him sia. sad sad sad.

- 3rd Nov -
Hari Raya Puasa today. therefore no school. well...nothing better to do anyway. its back to more music and tv to pass the day. and i miss my baby. hadnt been talking lately. bored like hell. but then, there's school tomorrow, and i can see my friends again. isnt that great? crap..

:: i am not making sense ::

quote of the day : If electricty comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

first day of the new semester. great day to start off. had breakfast/lunch with my family. then my dad fetch me to school. meet cas, ben at canteen 1. went to the photocopy shop to get out books and head off for the first lesson.

my lecturer turned out great, not scary or frightening. the lessons was entertaining, friendly lecturer. wonderful and my lessons ended half an hour earlier. went to the library after that to meet cas.

then went to orchard. neoprints again. lalala

if i see that guy next time. i WILL talk to him. cuz i regret not talking to him man, if not can date him during the holidays. hurhur.. so i must master my courage and talk to him. aja aja hwaiting! ganbatte! lol.


i miss my baby.

lastly, happy halloween!! too bad, no trick or treat for me..nor witch, vampire, monster costumes. *whines* unfair.....

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