Thursday, November 29, 2007
Unspoken Thoughts

So fast, just a day or 2 to December..can't believe the year just went by me in such a manner. These 3 years is poly has been like the fastest 3 years I've been through. Though there were quite number of unhappy incidents, mustn't forget all the laughter/joy/craziness I've been through, and I hope the four of us will keep in contact even after our graduation (:

Gonna meet my cuzzie on Saturday right after my (fucking cui) RAN lab test. Gonna hafta chiong for it after that rather depressing-disappointing paper on Tuesday. Who would have thought that the teacher would chu pattern. Sigh.

Too tired for Wednesday class. Always only wake up like 9, then have to chiong cab to school just to attend the 1hour UTM class. Assignment 1 is out for UTM, as well as assignment 2 for WISP. Gonna have to do well to secure an A for both modules, something I know I can be able to get (since this semester is gonna be a cui one).

I'm taking almost a month to complete a few 100 page book. Totally not in the mood to study as tests are starting to flood in. WLT is like shit to me la, never really pay much attention in class, but thankfully did managed to get some important stuff down.

Good luck for the lab, y'all.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Trust the voice

Like finally we got to choose that topic for WISP, without having to go through all the drawing lots and shits. (: Luckily we, the group, saw things the same way. After lesson, stayed back for like a while to let our teacher give us our review on the assignment 1. Gotta improved on my tone and stuff, cause when I'm presenting, I seem to be like "scolding"...LOL. Nonetheless, she *hint* told us we are getting an A to A+ WHICH IS GOOD. (Considering the fact we did not have a choice but to do this, but glad we did)

I really really miss the Bee badly, really very badly. He hadn't called though he had promised to, I don't wanna bother him, yet just have this urge to wanna hear his voice. SIGH~ Never mind, shall try to give him a call later. Hopefully he'd be free to entertain my call. (=

Common Test for WLT is on 14th Dec, 4-5.30pm cuz of some people. ZZZ! Fucked up la. I don't like it when it's last day and last timeslots, have to thank whoever that have requested for it. ROAR. Don't wanna talk about yesterday's RAN. CUI AHH!!!

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

I'm irritated cuz I can't seem to be able to hear the music I've put in my blog. ROAR! I tried so many ways (installing flash, shockwave) but it still doesn't work at all and I'm kinda frustrated. Hopefully I'm able to hear it soon. Sigh

Class on Wednesday was quite slack la. Went for UTM and the teacher told us that lesson will only be like 25mins. Damn, cuz I cabbed to school that day. Couldn't wake up cuz stayed up til 3am just to reformat and reinstall all my program. Fucking shit. LOL. Since class ended early, decided to make my way to the library and watched The Stepford Wives. (:

Sms-ed Cas and went to book seats at the cafe while waiting for their class to end. Larry came first, so chit chat alil with him. Had Egg Sandwich and Ice-blended Chocolate for lunch. Bumbed into Jing Yi and left the lib (w/ Jing Yi) at about 1.50pm. Atrium was quite noisy due to the IT gadget fair thingy, and k-po me went to look see look see to source for anything that is useful for me. (while Jing Yi went to SSIC to get postcards). I was approached by a lady to register to their website to get lastet information. Each successful registration gives you a free lucky dip. And lucky me managed to get a VOIP Set (with web cam and stereo headset).

Thursday is the day to settle my auction stuff (officially). I hadn't studied at all and I don't seem to be too worried about it. DAMN.

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Monday, November 19, 2007
The Blues

Lately I can't seem to get myself up whenever the alarm rings. The moment I wake, I wish I can go back to sleep. The only day I totally look forward to is Friday cuz it's the weekend. (: Wanted to cab to school this morning but it was during peak hour, thus I took bus to school. Didn't get down opposite NP as I was simply too lazy to climb the overhead bridge. Since 184 was a loop bus, I decided to take one big round. Quickly went to get sandwich (seafood flavor) but it wasn't very tasty as compared to the ones sold in library.

Lecture was alil okay as I was trying hard to pay attention to what Mr Henry was teaching. I was a lil distraction by what Steph was showing me. She showed me a forum where people share recipes and also post those really yummylicious cakes/muffins people baked. Kinda impressed by their skills. (:

Yeah to Cas for finally agreeing to walk to canteen 4 for lunch. Japanese Bento set for lunch yeat again. The only thing I eat there is japanese food, just simply because I am not interested in the other stalls. Love the Strawberry milk shake they sell there. The ones sold at canteen 1 and 2 totally cannot make it.

After lunch, head back to blk 30 cuz Cas accidently left her bottle there, bump into Jing Yi there. Slowly walked back to blk 8, the rain just came...totally zzz. Hate it when it rains when it's laptop day. :( I wanna watch School Rumble, I wanna watch Heroes. And I'm seriously lacking behind in Maple world. Where fore art thou, motivation. ROAR

I guess the cold war has come to an abrupt halt for now. My bee called me to ask me for movie but I don't think I can meet him tomorrow night as I'm going with my siblings. He wants to come NP to watch movies but I was giving him the "don't you think you're too old to pass off as a NP student" look. LOL. So cute, which is why I totally love him so much. (: *hugs

Wish me luck - RAN written on the 27th (totally no hints, nothing. Waddup with the secrecy?!), RAN lab test on the 1st Dec (hadn't done the case study. Sigh)

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sigh~!! Exam is such a BITCH. I don't understand anything about WLT, RAN. So many final tests coming soon. And all I care is Facebook (It's too darn addictive), other misc stuff. ROAR~

Cold war and I am so not talking to him for this entire week and counting. Whatever, since he doesn't wanna talk, why should I talk to him either. I am going to plan my schedule without him for this week. Sigh. I don't like when we are not talking BUT it just have to happen like this.

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Monday, November 12, 2007
Raspberry Dream

We just had a really dumb quarrel over what should we do this weekend. Sometimes I don't understand why you had to react that way. Fine, if you don't wanna go out then so be it. Not like I feel like going out with you, though I do. You need not vent your frustration on me right? BAHH!

I hate lectures as I am not motivated to sit for the entire 2hours to listen to it. ROAR~! Common Test and Written Final is like 2-3 weeks away and I'm blur like fish. Blame myself for not having the patience to sit through the lectures and really listen to whatever the lecturer is trying to deliver.

I'm already missing my holidays. Too many darn distractions and where's my willpower. I think I'm gonna get to bed before my brain fails on me and my eyelids betray me. I'm not gonna fall face flat on the keyboard. No Sire.

Nights. I'm not gonna have that sweet dream (because of you)

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wednesday is the only day that I looked forward to. (: Currently covering the topic on stereotype, prejudice, discrimination, racism and scapegoating. So what do we learn about these term.

Let's give example: -

Stereotype - Teenagers are rude
Prejudice - Therefore I conclude that all teenagers are rude
Discrimation - I shall not employ teenagers to work in my shop because they are rude
Scapegoating - My business isn't doing well because of these teenagers.

Sited these example's from Ms. Evelyn's lecture slides.

Luckily we manage to chiong through our assignment after our UTM lesson. Too bad we couldn't get to do the topic on Fairytale. Sigh~

Officially having a long 4 days break. Mr. Leong was nice enough to go through the lecture on Tuesday therefore we need not have to come to school for the mere 2 hours.

Just watched Moulin Rouge, and the finale never fail to bring tears. It always make me so emo whenever I watched it. I am gonna start my reading on the Notes on A Scandal that I've borrowed in school.

Enjoy your holidays and Happy Deepavali

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Sunday, November 04, 2007
Runny Nose

Met up with my cuzzie yesterday evening at Suntec City as we wanted to go look see look see at Virtualand (: Caught 2 Stitch on the Big Sweet Land machine, and a Halloween Series Marie on UFO catcher. ((: Too bad my sister wasn't able to get the Dumbo softtoy on the UFO catcher due to the wf&$%&* reasons.

Dinner at NYDC and their vegetarian set was delicious. (: Got the Jigoku Shoujo Live Action from my cuzzie. It's always fun going out with her. Yeah

My nose is runny yet again, must have been the incense powder that is irritating it. I'm frigging tired now, but I refuse to get to bed til 10. Lesson's may be sleeping time for me tomorrow. Fuck~ Argh.

I think I'm gonna go work at Ministry Of Foreign Affairs after I obtain my Diploma. (:

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Thursday, November 01, 2007
That thing

I don't think the boy is quite happy with our previous conversations. He insist that we can continue our relationship even if we don't meet up and stuff. -.- He hasn't return my call which he said he would, so I'm still waiting.

I saw a few Dumbo soft-toys that I really like (: But momma say it's a waste of money D:

Au Revoir


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