Monday, August 27, 2007
The prospect of marriage

It makes me wonder, if we were to get marriage in like 10 years time..he'd be like 38, and I'd be like 28. Zzz...the bee would be like going 40...I asked him once if he would wanna consider having a gf older than me. AND he gave me the -.- face, and hit me on the head. WTH, I was just giving a friendly suggestion, not asking for a breakup.

Day 3 into the holiday and I have nothing much to do. Darn boredness drove me to the brink of insanity. (Well, technically I'm still not crazy). Gosh, my standard of English is hitting rock bottom, I'm finding it a challenge to form a sentence in good English. Therefore, it's back to more novels and even more composition/letter writing.

PPP today was quite alright, had lotsa fun with Cas they all. Had a nice conversation with LiTing about her attachment and stuff. So long since I had a face-to-face talk with her. ((: 7weeks of long vacation = total reformatting of my brain. It's gonna be tough when school starts next semester.

Take care guys! (:

P.S I'm gonna miss Casilda & Eugene

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Exams are officially over~

Song bo~?! FNS for me was chionging through the paper, and thankfully, I managed to remember all of the things that I've studied.

So many things to do now.
1. Clean my ever-so-messy room
2. Sentosa ((:
3. Overseas?
4. Still planning, hopefully something with the bee~ (((:

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007
Folly stuff you don't expect

Gonna mug and complete the notes for FNS, decided to post some nice pictures here. Went down Funan last last Saturday to do the Starhub broadband thing. My brother actually told me to get the 4GB IPOD Nano, which cost like $177, but then I still have the momma told me not to waste the money. Unless the Shuffle spoils, then I can get a new one.

Got to this shop selling games, and there was this Grando Espada promo going on. It seems if you sign up for Singtel's 3Mbps plan, they'd give you the game ($79.90) for free. Saw the promoters in the costumes of the character, so took the initiative(surprisingly) to ask them whether or not I could take a picture. (:

In my opinion, I thought the blue one is nicer la. ((: Good luck peeps. Let's work up for the final paper!


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Monday, August 20, 2007

Just got off a phone conversation with the boyfriend. Really strange I can't make myself call him Dear or anything that sound so loving couple kinda way. He always asked me why I don't call him Dear.....and honestly, it's kinda hard for me to. zzz. I was asking him if he would like to meet up with my friends and stuff. He immediately gave me a no-no.

So the conversation went on like this
me: My friends want to see you~go out together!!
him: zz. No thanks, not like you want to meet my friends right?
me: Well, if you meet mine, I'd meet yours.
him: Even if you meet my friends, I won't meet your friends
me: WTH!!! %&#$%^&

What kind of answer is that? My boyfriend is really so irritating sometimes. Argh~! Talking to him can be a challenge...also make my blood boil! AHHH! I WANT TO SLAP YOU!

ANS written was ok la, the 30marks at the second part was kinda a giveaway la. Just look see from configuration, then can get answer liao. Bo chap liao, must pia maple first, then FNS. ((:

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Sunday, August 19, 2007
Whatever is the point?

Getting pretty sick of the exams and I see no point in it anymore. I don't see it as a way to test my knowledge, it's more like testing how well I can memorised the huge amount of stuff into my brain. During exams, I find myself memorising, repeating the sentence on and nobody's business. Damn

Maple for 2 days in a row, almost. Played til the wee hours of the morning. And only get to bed at like 3am. And now, I am having flu, cough and a tid bit of pain in my throat whenever I sneeze or cough. Frigging irritating.

Saturday was spent at Suntec, lunch at Ichiban Boshi, and spent the other hours at the arcade trying to get sega disney plushies. Thankfully, we didn't waste the money as we managed to like 3 soft-toys, 4 bubble like thing, and tons of sweets.

The cough is killing me. ARGH~!

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Friday, August 17, 2007
Inappropriate gestures

Adam wasn't in a good mood yesterday. His voice didn't sound too nice over the phone, he seem pretty annoyed with his clients and stuff at work. Well, I guess I shouldn't bother him and comfort him more. =x Sigh~! Nonetheless, I still love him. =")

Exams like 12hours away, and I am totally not sleeping. I shouldn't be blogging..LOL. I'm a happy girl today because I've finally got wireless at home. (: After the 24th, it's total chionging for maple in both worlds. Sorry guys, my bandit is taking such long time. :x

Good luck for the exams, people! (:

P.S Belated Birthday Wishes to Eugene

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

I had to go down school yesterday to do the sharing for our I&E. After that, parted ways with the rest, and took bus 77 down Wisma Atria to get my phone fixed. Waited for almost an hour for my turn to come, but thankfully they aired Mr Bean for me to enjoy, thus making the queue unseemingly short.

Waited for my cousin for about 5 hours. -.- Our lunch meetup became dinner meetup...Found myself walking around aimlessly, after we met...head to a japanese restaurant at Borders there for dinner. Didn't bother to take pictures (except the desserts) cuz I was plain lazy, and was talking to her about alot of stuff. Our bill came up to 74 bucks. Frigging expensive. :P

Tofu Cheese cake

Can't remember this, but it was very nice. (:

Someone just took my breath away, I have fallen for Kang-in oppa~ ((:


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Monday, August 06, 2007

Frigging shagged. T-T

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Saturday, August 04, 2007
Darn Disappointment

Like what the title states, ya I am disappointed. FUCK!

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007
Of jokes and humor

Was talking to Eugene the day after that particular day, he was telling me about being happy with ourselves, we can never stop people from complimenting/critisizing us. We should learn to turn a deaf ear to it. Yes, we're somewhat on the same boat.

Attachment made me realise how good it is to be back in school studying. Seen those backstabbing stuff, and also was a victim of crude harrassment, maybe through such experience is where we learn how to protect ourselves. I, myself, didn't expect the working society to be so horrifying, yet it's gonna be something everyone is gonna go through.

I always seem to be going through this state of denial, but I guess it's time to stop being so emo, and learn to be happy. At least I know, there's still Cas, Steph, Eugene.

GG~ANS lab test akan datang and I seem to blur like fish~Whatup with CBACs, whatup with those odd, even, first half, second half of IP address to define with those ACL. So many things that is needed to mug for, but there's no way I'm gonna get another GPA 4 for this semester.

Back to more mapling and I am gonna start studying next week. VCN exams on the 17th, and FNS on the 24th. We just got to know that there is written test for ANS. Damn it.

Simpsons movie was uber funny. It's still as darn funny as I have always know.

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