Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Recieved a letter from the Police Force, "persuading" me to join the force upon my graduation. My dad was all the way supporting this idea, saying it's good and that it has alot of benefits. Gee. I don't know. Will do some serious consideration when I reach my final semester. No goals in going University. I feel as though I'm going through a midlife crisis. I'm lost in direction. X(

Went down NATAS Travel Fair last Saturday. It was so damn crowded...spent hours and hours lining up just to enquire about Hong Kong Disneyland. At the very end, we settled for Nam Ho's 4D3N Hong Kong Disneyland Experience. What's more I get to go Madame Tussaud's wax museum to see Ayumi Hamasaki, Brad Pitt!! ((:

WSS for now is still not too bad. Completed my test (All 6 questions) for Debian last week. Kinda surprised, as I was the one who complain that I was going to fail. Siann-ness....The happy feeling is coming back already. yeah-ness

Take Care. Many huggies to people who cared about what happened last week. I love you all~

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

2 post in a day is quite a bad thing. I suddenly feel like crying again. I guess I just cant treat a guy as a best friend, sharing all my thoughts and feelings with him. I was stupid, thinking I could. I thought he understand, but in the end, he didn't. Its really hurtful, when he finally said to me that. I guess some things are better left unsaid. I don't think I wanna share anything anymore.

Feel like shutting down this blog for good. Sigh. What's the point, when all I do is write, but no one even bothers to read. Kinda sadded. I guess I'm too naive, or stupid. Maybe secrets should only be kept by myself.

I promised I will not cry, I don't want A to think there's something wrong again. What's the point of sharing...I guess I'll get back to my old self soon. I dun wanna be cheery all day. D:

I'm feeling so much better now! Thanks to my cousin. (:


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What more can I say

Back to school was fun, but yet again, the things that I am learning is kinda boring. It was fun at first, but after a while it is so BORING! Isn't it great to have a boyfriend who has a car? But my bf just doesn't have time to drive me around. I need to wake up early in the morning to squeeze bus with people. Sian. I can't blame him, he's I'd just have to ren! :P

Nothing much happened lately, been feeling rather unwell. Felt as though I had something wrong, cuz of my constant urge to vomit. Can't be anything alarming, cuz I didn't do the wrong thing. Therefore, that fearful option is OUT! hahas

Borrowed books yesterday. Took a special interest in one titled "Fatal Seduction II". However, it just turned out to be rather educational, about the dark side of engaging in casual sex, STDs and bla bla bla. Totally not what I've expected. My mind was on the Fatal Attraction kind of story. XD I'm still searching for Stephen King's Carrie. Sigh~

Test tomorrow, and I don't have much confident in passing it. I don't know why, I know I can do it but just that at the moment, the confidence is just not enough to assure me that I'd be passing the test. So sad. I may get a lil afraid of the test.

My mind is drifting, I can't even remember what I wanna write. Sian~

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Monday, March 19, 2007
So fast

The 1 week break just flew past me in a breeze. Back to school again, doing linux this week. It was quite a bad start, I rebooted my PC for about 5-6 times but yet I couldn't get the BIOS. Saddening, thanks to MS and ZY, it started to go on fine, and I managed to do the installation of Debian. DEBIAN IS SO COOL! I love it more than I love Windows. Plus it has more games. Woo woo...

Going down Clementi tomorrow to get the Linux book~ should be able to get it at a cheaper price, I need to save up, so so broke..BOO! K-Box last week was so cool~ Finally I could sing Boa's "Make A Secret" smoothly....nice nice. Really should do k-boxing more often

Addicted to DDR. Great way to exercise somemore. I could finally have a decent eye-leg coordination. I could complete a song without losing my life in the game. I love DDR, fun way to lose weight too~

Lazy to upload pictures from my handphone. I traded in my N6233 for a Sony Ericsson K800i. I totally love my 6233, but it was giving me loads of problems...the OS keeps restarting, and I couldn't even listen to my mp3 peacefully. Boo! And since my contract was going to expire, I just went to upgrade my plan, shun bian trade it in for k800i. I was actually considering either w800 or k800....cuz w800 was a walkman phone, and they also provide a 512 memory for the k800, I totally love the 3.2MP, with flash. In the end, momma said to get the newer one (k800i) this phone is going to last me for 2 years.

I love my phone, as much as I love my JKTJ!! (: Huggies to peeps who cared.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007
The wait is over

Finally, the moment of my results, via sms, early in the morning. And I got an A for my IA. Whoopee`~finally, a GPA of 4.00... (:

K-box today with my family, still can't sing that much, sha sha voice. blehx~ Finished watching my jigoku shoujo last night. ((: It was nice, can't wait for season 2. More nice movies coming up soon. Went to watch Happily N'ever After with my sis last Tuesday. The male char was uber cute, voiced by the equally cute Freddie Prinze Jr. (:

The week is flying by me so fast. Kinda siann. Next up, NATAS Travel Fair @ Suntec. Take Care y'all~ CHEERS


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Friday, March 02, 2007
So fast

Time just flies pass me so fast. It's like March. Blehx. 1/4 of the year has just flown by, before I knew it, it will be Christmas. That was what happen last year...and I think this year is going to be the same one.

Nothing much to say. I shall not be angered by those nonsense, stupid comment that people pass. Had a long talk with him yesterday, I just missed those warm hugs, and sweet kisses. It's just a memory...He told me he love me..and honestly, I do like it alot.

((: Hugs to all those who cared. I really appreciate it alot!

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Thursday, March 01, 2007
Wassup with my result

What's wrong with those people and my grades? Ok, I don't enjoy my work, I never guai guai do the job I've been given. May I ask, who are you to say such things behind me. Damn it, if you are not happy with me, LET ME KNOW. Maybe I don't deserve that A, BUT What's the point of fucking criticizing behind my back? zZzZz.

Argg...the whole WSS thing was a mistake, I shouldnt have agreed to take part in it. If I didnt agree, I won't have went for my IA! And I won't have felt so F%&6&$!#$ frustrated. S H I T!!!

Boo! I'm not going to cry over it, cuz I really am not going to be bothered by OTHER people's comment!!! I should be stronger, why am I getting so upset?! D A M N~ !! I hate this overly emotional me. sSigh~ ):

I finally realise how vile a person maybe, I finally realise the true meaning of hypocrites. Honestly, this is not a good thing, I promise my baby I won't get upset over trival matters. Cuz no matter what I do, there will be someone who won't like it. So, like what he says, too bad then.


Back to more happy things! (: Will be seeing Cas, Eugene soon. Yeah-ness to going back to school, and having more life. More activities coming up, hopefully I could make a trip to HK Disneyland sometime soon. Yup~ (: Plus buffet high tea for 3 to Marriott Hotel, Suntec City CTC Travel Exhibitions. WSS will commence on Monday, and hopefully this activity will take up loads of my time, and I wont have time to be bothered by bo liao people or get upset.

Lastly, I love you :)

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