Tuesday, October 12, 2010
Whirlpool of Emotions

My mood is like the weather...unpredictable. I know I shouldn't act that way, but then it just comes and for no apparent reasons sometimes.

Underwent another of these massive whirlpool of emotions this afternoon. I was at the brink of tears when I was talking to the member (thank god, my voice didn't sound like I was crying. ZOMG!!) I feel like I am stuck in a very frustrating job and I can't leave as year end is coming!! Sigh~

On the happier note, I know that my happy days are coming soon and my vanity table is up! Am planning to do a room tour after I clear up all those unnecessary things, and maybe donate some books away. Does 2nd hand bookstores take in used books?? Hmmm...intend to get a new bed once the bonus comes in in December! <3

We're all going Night Safari Halloween Horrors next Friday!! It's good to go as a group so that you don't scare yourself silly. (:

I promised to blog more often. NOT one post a month...

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