Monday, May 29, 2017

It has been really long since I lasted posted on this platform. This will always be a more private and personal blog of mine, unlike the

Anyway since last year, I have more or less cut a lot of ties with most of my friends. More subtly actually, I just exited the chats, deleted their number and unnfriend from Facebook. I believe if they still think we can be friends, they can message me, BUT it does not happen. I got upset because they always have time for other people, but never have time for me.

I don't think I am a bad friend. I always try to be understanding because I know most of my friends are married with kids. I would accommodate and try to meet at their convenience. I never complain or find it troublesome if they have to bring their kids along. I will always try to help out, be it push the pram, or help the mummy carry their stuff.

I am angry I was never a priority. I am disappointed to see them saying they are busy or even no reply but the next thing I see them posting their meet up on social media. It fucking hurts but that's life, never have any expectation of people who would never treat you like how you'd treat them.

I am sorry I decided to end the friendship with such cowardliness. I cannot stand being damn fucking upset during May 2016, but you don't even give a fucking damn about it. Why do I need to feel all sad when you're getting on with your life.

I am sorry I bothered you with my friendship.

So goodbye,

throwing/ selling off most things I got from them for birthday/christmas because looking at them makes me sad.

so Goodbye forever.

hydefied - @ 08:56