Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I spend my entire afternoon yesterday doing this

while everyone else went out to do the site survey~ boo!

Today's gonna be another LONG day`


I spend most of my time in office using this~

Binding machine to bind up all the printed notes on the reports, wireless technology and so on~ and never leave your printed notes lying at the photocopy machine feeder because......

Those who failed to heed this advice shall have their paper fed to the shredder X)

I love using this~ very nice....seeing the papaer get cut into strips. Anyway, I'M FINALLY GOING TO SITE TMR! WOOOO~!!!!

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Working is kinda a chore lately. Eeks~cuz I feel tired waking up so early every morning. Losing all the sleep ain't cool! =/ Today, I shall post some pics of my work place~

My desk. kinda no privacy lor! Well, it's like a fish tank....and the big boss sits like just a short distance from our desk! =x Kinda messy...with newspapaer, papers...bla bla bla~

To "inform" everyone who we are. Like Duh! Pllleeaaassseee.......I don't think it's necessary~ Jia Xuan is my senior, also from E class! =D and graduating after this IA

Well, last but not least, our creation to decorate our dull dull desk~

"I Love U" oh...yea....right~Erm... =.= We were bored, ok!

BTW, I just changed a new phone~WOOO! Finally, the old one was breaking down soon... =x

Only thing is that mine is black~ 2mp, mp3 player, radio, stereo speaker, whatmore can I want!! =DD

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Monday, September 18, 2006
The lil things in life

*Disclaimer : This entry is solely on my current thoughts about my life. I'm not referring to any soul. If you are going to misunderstand or get angry. I suggest you do the right thing and get out IMMEDIATELY. If not, don't come blaming/hating/accusing me for saying this about you or whatsoever. *

Many times in life, I stop and think..."Am I am being appreciated for whatever that I've done?" or even " Am I right to do/say this?". Many of times my reply is no, but yet I find myself doing it over and over again. The main thing is, for others to be able to appreciate me, I just gotta start appreciating myself first. However, I seem to fail exceedingly. Sheesh~ preaching to me all day long ain't gonna help, sugar! =P

I like the way my life is working to now. At least I have some goals in life to fufil. I'm not probing into a relationship that would tear me apart. I'm not engaging in unhealthy lifestyles that will bring me down. And I'm not starting friendships that will end up in tears. No matter what happens, I'm sure of whom I can count on, and I love them for just this simple reason! :) No more tears, honey. No more heartbreaks. More smiles and laughter.

Masking up my emotions have been a nice-yet-not-so-nice thing. It's more like being involve in a love-hate relationship. I'm mean totally. It ain't cool, but yet I still enjoy doing it. My inner most self is like weak, but yet I'm hiding it to stay out from any trouble. I don't mind people thinking I'm wearing any sort of masks, or whatsoever they can imagine of, simply because they don't know or understand the true me. What you see is only the appearance, even sometimes people who think they know or understand me eventually don't. Most time, I see no point in trying to explain, things that should be left alone SHOULD be left alone. No point trying to probing/forcing/persuading me to say things that aren't all that neccessary. =)

Many things may have happened in this 1 & 1/2 years. I may have done alot of things that no one has expected me of. All I can say is, this is my life...I choose my road. If I were to fall, I'd picked myself up. If I'd to meet setbacks, I'd have to face them bravely. I don't need people having to tell me whatever I should do/say/act. Sigh~ the finer things in life. I ain't gonna waste my life getting into trouble, doing drugs...all the bad things you can think of. I just want a simple life. =)

Take Care. Ciao y'all

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Friday, September 15, 2006
Dedication to the Class

Casilda - Thanks gal, I've never regretted knowing you. You are a great friend, buddy, sister to me. I appreciate your constant care and concern. You are there to support me and give me endless encouragements whenever I feel shitty....Understanding and being so patient all the time. I enjoyed your company so much! =) Tolerating all my nonsense and Jerome preaching. I enjoy the conversations we have, I thank you for being just a wonderful being. I love you. Take Care.

Benedict - Hugs to Ben, you are always the one who knows when I feel crappy, or whatsoever. I enjoy the times I spend with you in school. Having you sitting beside me for some lessons has been really enjoyable! You never fail to make me laugh with your jokes, and sometimes lame remarks. Thanks for always expressing your concerns for me, and sharing my problems, ups and downs with me~ With Love, Take Care always.

Firdaus - Brother! How joyous having such wonderful brother like you. You are the most enthusiastic guy I know. You are understanding, and a great friend to have. I thank you for all the care you have given to this lil sister here. I enjoy just hanging out with you, be it bull-shitting, studying...You are a fabulous person, and I love you as a how a sister whould love her brother. Your strong determination and courage would always be an inspiration to me. Thanks for just being you! =)

Ian- Only got to know you better in second year. You are a cheerful guy, you are like a brother to me. Group studying with you has been a wonderful experience, your encouragement helped me greatly. Though you may not have made it in certain area. Never give up, set a goal, work for it...and eventually, you'd succeed. Thank you for being such a nice person, and take care~

Rachel- Hey gal, although we did had a lil misunderstanding that nearly went out of hand. I'm truly glad that it is all over. You are a very cheerful gal, you laughter is contagious. You are very expressive. Though at times you may be troubled, never let these problems get you down. No matter what happens, you can always count on your friends to be there for you. You are appreciated all the time. You are appreciated for just being you! Thanks for just being such wonderful friend. Smile, stay strong and positive. Cheers~

Janice - You are just this gal who always think you are fat. Trust me, you aren't. Sometimes we must learn to love the way we look. Everyone is unique, we shouldn't strive so hard to be someone else. You are always so positive, hardworking and cheerful. I enjoyed the msn conversations we have once in a while. You are a sweet, pretty girl. And I hope you'd always stay that way. Take Care, gal...Smile always~ =)

Shi Hui - You are someone who is true to herself. Your words expressed your emotions, thoughts and feelings. You are a loyal friend, protecting people whom are close and important to you. This is your strengths, nobody will ever regret knowing you. Though we may have certain dispute over some trival matter. Thank you for just being a friend that have left a footprint in my life. All the best~ =)

Li Ting - The first person I got to know when I attended school. To me, you are like a man with few words. You speak what is neccesary, and your words are wisdom. Though we never really talk much, I enjoy your company, and thank you for being such fabulous friend, tolerating all my nonsense. =) Take Care.

Wei Zheng - Hah, I miss your impersonation of Jerome. You are the man! All your jokes, comments never fail to amuse me. Thanks for being so wonderful, and always irritating those really idiotic teachers we have. Take Care. All the best! =)

Shannon, Timothy, Pat, Lionel, Sindhu, Chick-Gen - I rarely talked to you guys. No matter what it is, I appreciate having friends, classmates like you peeps. Always so fun-loving, humorous. Thanks for just being you, and I wish you the best~

Ming Kang - You have been like my pillar of support. You are always there to listen to all my problems, troubles, worries, fears. You are a marvelous friend to have, I appreciate everything that you've done for me. You are patient, understanding, intelligent. Your endless concern and care for me. Thank you for just being so nice, sweet guy. Hugs~ =))

I enjoyed this 1 and 1/2 years with you all! I love you guys, take care! Have fun! CHEERS!!

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Results Day

Came to work, and immediately went on to NPal to check my results. I can't say I'm disappointed, or sad or happy. It's good, but yet not good enough. Thus, I shall work harder next semester to get a much better result. I wanna get into Princeton University, then this way, I can go see Jerome everyday. =D

Time really flies, it's already friday. It still feels like yesterday was just a monday. Working isn't that of a chore, cause at least I'm doing something related to what I am going to study next semester, therefore this will benefit me exceedingly. =D

oh, this was how I fared for the exams....RESULTS
Business Etiquette & Image - A ( was expecting a B, cuz we didn't fare so well for projects)
CSF - B+ ( surprise cause exam was really a cannot make it situation)
DEL - B ( This is really shocking, what i anticipate was a D or an E. Yeah! I do ok for Jerome's sub)
EM3B - B+ (I couldn't attempt alot of questions for exam, thought it was gone case)
FOM - B+ (hah! No C like I thought, Good thing! cuz the tutorials and projects was shitty)
IN3 - B+ ( Fucking lab and written pulled my A down! FUCK!)
OOP2 - B (Expected, didn't know how to do most of the labs, written was terrible)

I hope you guys all did well! All the best and take care y'all. Miss you guys lotsa. Last but not least, get well soon Cas.


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Thursday, September 14, 2006

I am STRESSED. See all the capital letters in the "stress". It means I'm dead stressed. Cheng Liang and I did site to site VPN. And I'm so lost! I didn't really know what is going on, therefore we gotta do it again today, and come up with a report on the commands and instructions for it as what Adrian requested. Damn! I hope at least I can know what I'm doing. I don't like copying blindly all the time, it just doesn't benefit me at all. X(

Sentosa thingy has gotta wait. I don't think we have enough knowledge to handle it, nor can we do it. So, I guess this few months is more like revision. Bringing a lappy to work make me feel like a student, I think alot of people may assume I'm an NYP student. Alighting at Yio Chu Kang MRT with a laptop. I don't look like an intern AT ALL! Frigging sad man~

Hope tomorrow's result won't be another disappointment to me. Good Luck, y'all! =D Cheers, and Cas, I hope you get well soon! Take Care, and meet up soon, ya~ :D

LOL-ing my way through work...(this sentence don't make any sense, please excuse me. XD)

Tata, take care y'all.

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Monday would be September 11~ 5 years ago, our generation got to learn the true meaning of evil. At that point in time, I must have been the most ignorant person. When my principal said something about the World Trade Center, I was bewildered cuz I was thinking of the World Trade Center in SG, not USA! Kinda stupid of me =P. It is also the time when we see the true spirit of men, those who risked their lives to save the people at the Twin Towers, and those who who fought against the terrorists on the plane that was hijacked. On this day, we'd all unite as one and mourn for the deaths of heroes, all the innocent lives that were lost. Like what they say, God Bless America.

Life here may be a lil boring, but the fact of being able to see the sun rise each day is a blessing. I guess work load will multiply next week or so. We're now like having a short break. Resting to recharge, and be able to handle the projects our manager may assign. Nothing much has happened in my life lately.

To Rachel: Don't get too affected by whatever that has happened. We can never change the fact that people will change. Even best friend can betray you and stuff. The only thing is we've done our part as a best friend. If they don't treasure the friendship, let it be. We still have other friends who are always there and supporting us. We shouldn't neglect other significant others because of certain people that aren't worth our time. Stay strong, take care! Cheers~

I should go now, work is starting like in 1O minutes. I need to read up more on wireless LAN and stuff, to be more knowledgable. =) Cheers and take care y'all!

Ta Ta =DD

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006
Ohh La La

NCS is so cool!! I've been slacking/studying/seating down for 2 days. But I think soon, I'd be overwhelmed with work! Boo! Not too bad, cuz my PMs are very very nice pple! :) BTW, I've been sent to maintain, I don't know what, wireless at Sentosa. Cool beans~

I feel so stressed, I only talk more to Jia Xuan....the rest is just hello, ya, ok, byebye. Like that! =( Kinda pathetic ya~ maybe I should be more enthusiatic and always introduce myself. I've a very very nice supervisor!! He ain't strict, he treats us like adults, very flexible to us....WOO!! =)) I REALLY LIKE THAT!! ^^

Anyway, was both sad and shocked to learn the death of Steve Irwin. I've always watched his programs. The news of his death was indeed a tragedy. Well, rest in peace. You'd be missed dearly. Good-bye, Crocodile Hunter! =((


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Friday, September 01, 2006

1 week passed so soon, it's already friday, and monday I'd officially start the attachment. Cool- at least for now, I'm exposed to whole new environment. Been going out lately, nothing much. It's kinda boring due to the fact that everything, every shopping malls is the same. Thus, I can just say everything has become B-O-R-I-N-G!! Dead Boring.

Before I signed off, just wanna say...

Happy Teacher's Day! =)

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