Friday, April 20, 2012

This will be my emo-rant post

I have no goals in life, no planning and no ambitions. I have no one I wanna marry and I have no inspiration to go back to the books.

I think my life is spiraling down into a loserish way and I feel really sad. I almost felt like crying yesterday because I was hit with a fact that I don't know what I want in life and I have not planned my future. At least my sister wants to go uni, at least Yuan Ee has gotten her degree, as least Eugene is studying now, Hui Min is pursuing her studies in Chinese medicine in Beijing, Peiru is planning to get married and Shirley Loo has started a family. BUT here I am still in a daze, in a trance. ABSOLUTELY no idea what I wanna achieve, what I intend to do in my life.

Sigh~ typing this makes me wanna cry again. I'm pms-ing in a terrible moodswing. Even Fridays are not making me feel any better!!

I need to stop walloping in self-pity. Seriously fucked up >.<





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Tuesday, April 17, 2012
Happy Birthday Peiru

Happy Birthday Love!

I think this is prolly the first time I've done a birthday post for someone because usually I don't really have much to write.

From the start I didn't think we would be so close. You don't look very friendly when you don't smile and you seem like those ah-lian to me. haha! Thankfully our little conversations got us closer and I reall appreciate that we are so close like sisters. :)

Seen you go through ups and downs, heartbreaks, happiness, sadness. You are always a strong girl and overcoming whatever obstacles that come your way. It makes you a stronger and happier person.

I hope life will continue to treat you well!

May your days be filled with endless laughter and happiness.
May sorrow and sadness be gone and disappear
May hopes and inspiration fill your life
May love and joy be by your side
May darkness and fear be overcome
May light and courage by with you.

I hope you will continue to be strong, happy, optimistic, cheerful and brave! Do not get upset or affected by people who do not cherish your friendship.I miss and love you always <3


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Thursday, April 12, 2012
Happy side

It's already April. I think this year will be a good one!

- L'arc~en~ciel concert!
- BFF's return from Swiss permanently! no more sad goodbyes
- Opening of Lush in SG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Baby Phat is coming to town too!
- Material-wise I'm well equipped in all gadgets
- Cosy done-up room!

I think after this i may do a long post with pic of my vanity/make up collection!

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Wednesday, April 04, 2012
Rewind to Dec

Something I found that I wrote in Dec but I didnt manage to post it. Here goes~

December has finally arrived! I love December because of the Xmas holidays and stuff. It is always a relaxing month for me. The only hassle is the gift preparation that I have to go through which is TORTUROUS! However, I don’t deny that the process is fun and hearing/seeing the appreciative gestures and look from the recipient makes it all worthwhile.

Back to a somewhat emo part. I think by leaving my old job, I have lost touch with a few (use-to-be) close colleagues. I can really feel the distance and I think after a while, we won’t even have any sort of contact. I don’t even feel like messaging them. I don’t even feel like organizing any outing because end up a lot of people can’t turn up and it’s a disappointment to me personally. I hope it’s just me being the usual think-too-much mentality. But then……sigh~

Intense renovation at home just ended a while…and house still needs packing but still a mess (especially my room, like always). Never mind, it isn’t that taxing to do all those cleaning. I aim to have a cozy and awesome home!! All these works at home makes me inspired to have my own house. J
May all be well and get better. *Fingers crossed*

Blessed Christmas! I need inspiration to get boys gift! Hmph!

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