Monday, May 28, 2007
Monday Blues

Staying up late at night is a bad thing! I couldn't wake up at all this morning, luckily I managed to reach school at 0830 and started the lab! All was well, and I left at 9+ to canteen 1 to get sushi for my sis and chicken rice for cas and I.

I still couldn't get into the study mood which is very very bad! Damn! Everybody has started on their revision...everyone but me! BOO~! Forced myself to do IN test while waiting for my sister to come. Managed to get 100 for both so need not worry about that. FNS lecture tomorrow and hopefully can get alot of tips to help my studying.

I want the La meilleur selection de Malice Mizer Best Selection album BUT it cost S$58. Blame it on the import! Don't think it's that worth it, cuz no DVD included. Told the boi about it, and he was curious as to why I actually like them. He thinks they are too scary...I guess the makeup, costume stuff are too overboard..


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Sunday, May 27, 2007
Day Out~ (:

Head down to the flower exhibition at Japanese Association. Luckily poppa drove us there...if not we'd be quite lost. We went Adam Road hawker center to have lunch! Had the very very delicious nasi lemak~yummy. After lunch, we went to see the exhibition which turned out beyond my expectation. I thought was going to be a very zzz one..but the flower arrangement was wonderful. Beautifully done by them...too bad there wasn't any bishonen. Lol~ Took lotsa picture (as shown below) but kinda lazy to upload all of it, so I just upload the nicer pictures up to share. (:

After the exhibition, parted ways with my cousin. We took a bus back to Coronation Plaza and transfer 174 down to orchard. We alighted at Heeren and went to Ngee Ann City for the Vesak Day thingy. The hot weather totally turned me off...we just walked around in Taka...deciding where to go afterwards. Eventually went on to bus 36 to go down Raffles' City Shopping Center.

The Dumbo soft-toy my momma bought for me. Kinda surprise cuz she rarely agrees to buy such thing for us....well...unless we're overseas. (:

The "emo" stuff. Went around looking for an eyeliner pen and pencil. Momma was nice enough to help us "draw" our eyes. hahas. Look kinda fierce here, but that's the effect of it. EMO! :P

Dinner at New York New York! Wanted to try the food here but always didn't have a chance to. The food was alright, but it was quite a challenge trying to get the waiter's attention all the time. Don't think will go back again any time soon. gee~

The bloody mary my sister ordered. Fucking bitter la...I'm glad I settled for the peachy freeze

Freaking outdated that I wanted to post the other time. Do you spot the similarities?

Freaking tired. More updates AFTER THE COMMON TEST! WISH ME LUCK!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007
Boring Day

I was informed by Cas that there'd be I&E meetup today. Lesson at 10 would just mean I have to wake up at 8 BUT when the alarm sounded at 8...I continued to sleep like a pig til 9am. Was thinking of cabbing to school but it was still peak hour. I wanted to call the boy to drive me there, yet I don't wanna bother him all the way (even though I never ask him to drive me.) I took a bus to my destination and took a cab into school. Still made it in time! Yeah~ (:

Lesson was all about sharing and a mini magic show. I'm glad that our group are currently ahead of time, and progress are quite good. After lesson we were deciding where we wanna go for lunch. Freaking sick of school food (except Chicken Rice)! Morven suggested Vivo City but the rest was rather siann cuz of the long journey...therefore we settled for West Mall. Had KFC for lunch~ 2 piece chicken with cheese fries!

After lunch was walking around, I wanted to go see whether or not got sell Malice Mizer Best album, but sadly don't seem to find it. This would mean I have to get it at HMV which is so damn expensive la. Cuz usually is japan import and japan import=double the price. D:

Tomorrow have ANS mock test. Yeeks~ :x Haven't even started studying for my C.T which is just around the corner. Not used to all the exams and stuff cause of the attachment la~ :P Hopefully can do well for this semester, too many pros in our class. hahas

We have been together for so long but yet I don't see myself wanting to get married. He seem kinda sadded, cuz by the time I wanna marry him, he would be an old man (well...not that old, but still old). We were talking about it yesterday but I don't think this topic is going anyway. He just kiss, and the warm feeling just came. It kinda makes all my sad feeling go away. Loves to him for always being there to hear all my whines.


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Monday, May 21, 2007

I don't to express my feeling for today. Total sadded by whatever thing that happened. I guess that's what happen all the time. Thanks D: I finally know where I stand and totally understand whatever that is happening.

Fuck the VCN, didn't get to finish Lab 9 and I had nobody to turn to either. D: Never mind, Ting Ting stayed on with me to try to complete it but we still had the same problem, so we decided to call it a day since it was already 4. :P Wanted to talk to the boy but he wasn't free...I had no-one to cry to. Thankfully, he promised to call later...Loves

I am not going to cry anymore, not over such trival matter. Sometimes going to school is a very siann thing to me. :'( Damn, this over-emotional me is starting to surface! I hope this don't show tomorrow. Boo!

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tired, tired tired! Momma woke me up early in the morning cuz I had to go help out at the temple. My eyes was practically in the "-" mode. As the place was made me want to sleep even more! :D

Busy day! Helping out at the mini cafe there. The people are so ma-fan, want this want that. And what's worse they don't make their orders clear, and keep their orders keep increasing. Whatsmore they keep bugging us to cook faster, and please la~ you want the food to be hot (this ca be don if you order and we cook) and fast. zZz. Running up and down the entire day D: Eat this eat that...fat fat fat! hahas

Had a rather amusing conversation yesterday with my cousin. It all started when I changed my nick to [c]iaa' - and then we could kiss til dawn and he PM me asking who I kissed for so long and if i actually did...won't my lips be swollen. It really made me LOL! Will it really get swollen? I asked MK, and he told me it'd get all wet and disgusting after a while....hmmm....We should try it one day, right? hahahahas

Lazy to upload the photos to the com, thus no pictures...will do so asap (I hope)

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Today is emo day. I asked my momma to help me with the eyeliner and eye shadow thing. It was weird~luckily the boy didn't see it..if not he'll start making funny comments. hmmphf~ So siann...

Tired, didn't really pay attention to LCK's lesson. Really distracted plus I was busy watching my anime. Head down level 2 to get the form for the peer tutoring thingy. (: It was fun! But I realise I've forgotten everything about ELTECH! :x

More updates tomorrow, with pics! (:

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Monday, May 14, 2007
No Title

Lesson finished at 1 for me today as I've finally completed my VCN exercises. Managed to score 100 for all but 1. :) Thanks to ZY and Cas for helping. It was rather tough at first, but I guess once you get a hang of just gets to you. I think even LCK seemed a lil surprised.

Wanted to cab down this morning, but chose not to as it had already hit the peak hour time. It would mean 10++bucks for me to get to school. I need to save money for certain purposes. With cab off the list, I decided to turn to the Boi but sadly he was still sleeping. I guess he slept too late last night...clients and stuff. Left with no other "easy" transport, I have to force myself to guai guai take the bus without any complains.

The usual crowded bus made the entire journey super siann-ed for me. Thankfully, I got to school on time, bought a bun from C2 and off to class. Started my lab as Grace wasn't there yet~ the entire lab was too successful...and I completed both in an hour or so. :D Didn't wanna stay on the do more, so packed and zoom off to do VCN labb. Completing my lab would mean I need not come for lab on Friday. Yeah-ness~!

Bought momma to Billy Bombers for Mother's Day lunch on Saturday. Super full after the meal as the serving was huge (to me). Shopping, and I actually bought a 59bucks dress for my sis. Spend 100++ on that particular day...but it was worth it. At least it made them happy. hahas. (:

More updates to come, I hope~ Cheers

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Totally dun understand what LCK is saying. Hope I can do well for this semester, cuz I realise I don't understand anything.


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Thursday, May 10, 2007

I don't know bout many, but I thought Spiderman 3 was so darn cool! Tobey Maguire was still as cute, even that guy (I can't remember his name) who acted as Harry was cute. The story line was ok, but the emotional side was rather over-whelming. The whole personality changes in Peter Parker (like what I'd put across bluntly, he seem too horny? Is that the right description).

Tired! Met up with the I&E group yesterday at Burger King, and had the student meal. Was planning to get the Spiderman (black suit one) toy, but it was unavailable. So I settled for the Venom toy. Kinda lame, but cute enough. hahas.

Waited for Mr Morven who was late! After his lunch, we took 947 down to Bukit Batok Home for the Aged. The lady that we spoke seem rather unwilling to talk to us. We told her about photography during the performance and she immediately rejected it. unfriendly, and like what Casilda said, We're there to help them, not try to burn down the Home! D: Called up the temple and arranged to meet them next wednesday night.

Boo! 0813hr and nobody is here yet! DO we have ANS lab today? From tomorrow onwards, I shall learn to wake up early and so I need not cab to school (hopefully). So darn broke! Never mind, after Eug return the 15 bucks, I'd save the $ for Yuan Ee's prezzie. :D

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007
The Blues

I don't know whether or not I'm being over-sensitive..but most time I feel left out, which is kinda sadded. Maybe it's just me, but I guess things aren't just the same anymore. I think we've changed? I really wish things were as it was before, of which I think is impossible.

Totally lost with VCN exercise yesterday. I feel really stupid lately, I can't even think of what configuration to "punch" in. The lab session got me a lil pek chek , partly it was the weather's fault. Was deciding whether or not I wanna cab back home but then decided to save the cab fare home for today's cabbing.

The driver was asking me on what I was planning to do after year 3. I told him I was planning to work, or maybe wait to get married. hahas. jia ru hao men. Or which he told me it was no good, cuz of the husband's infidelity and stuff. I do agree, even though at times I may seem to be unaffected. But yes boi, I do feel affected. (Esp when I don't get to see you for the entire week!)

Maybe things aren't just the same anymore, people change~Even the boi is getting busier and busier. It could be purely business, but at times it just don't seem business at all! Boo! Like what I say I should be just overly sensitive. ((:

On the bright side, he is still there when I need him. :D Loves to him~! And on the BRIGHTER side, Boonsak won the Aviva Badminton, and is the champion~ Yeah-ness!!

Yeah!! *jumps around the room excitedly*

Lastly, Pic of MS "gayness" greek god-ness. hahas

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

I wasted almost 3 hours queueing just to get donuts from donut factory. The queue was so long and so slow. I was almost half dead when I got to the counter. I had to assure myself that it was all worth it. :P Bought almost all the flavors except the original one, kaya one, blueberry, cheese and wasabi. D: was not too bad, just a lil too sweet. The peanut chocolate, and hazelnut ones were good. No matter what, just be prepared to stand there for hours, but it should be worth the wait.

ANS lab was quite a toughie. I was rather confused with the access control list, err...I think I'm totally lost throughout the entire lab. Thankfully, Francis was patient enough to help me. He explain the entire defining of ACL, and also ip translation part.

Note to self: When ACL is implemented, can your peer network still be able to communicate with you if PAT is not implemented? No! Because if PAT is not implemented, my peer inside network address will not be translated and is still in the range. Because my ACL is defined to deny range, it will block coming in. Therefore my peer is not able to communicate with my network.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007
And then returns the spidey

I wanna watch Spiderman 3....I wanna see Tobey Maguire! :P Lesson today was alright. Change in our plan, and we aren't going to bring orphans out...Too many problems to worry in the first place...manpower, funds, safety.

Momma bought a trampoline for me and my sister. :P Shall start jumping everyday and hopefully I can get taller. =x More updates tomorrow when I head down Raffles City Shopping Centre to get donuts..mmm~ :) And pass the PS2 to my cuzzie~

Cheers~ like what my title states : And then returns the spidey.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The VoIP phone that I got all blur when I was doing VCN lab~ :) Thankfully, I'm getting a hang on it already. :) Considering whether or not I wanna go for the YEP trip, or maybe the China study trip.
More updates for tomorrow's project meet-up. Cheers! :)

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