Tuesday, July 31, 2012
Money can't buy happiness

Yes to that. I left my previous company because there is no work prospect and I want a better paying job

Now I have a better paying job but it's getting from bad to worse. The top keep pushing things down then say its for our learning. It's very overwhelming and when I say I can't cope, I'd get that I néed to prioritize my work. Fug and I really very flooded but in my mid year review, I was told my job scope is actually nothing much. Ya I know it's like nothing much but what about those other nonsense we need to do also?

I really want to quit immediately and pay back whatever...sigh I néed to be strong and hang on because I'm going USA next year.

I feel scared to take leave or mc because later It will be use against me. And will get threatened with my confirmation, increments and whatnot...

Now even if I leave I don't know they will say they will write not nice things if the other company ask for reference check..sigh

I feel very demoralized and unmotivated to go to work already!!

Help me, pls

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Been sick since Friday. Started feeling like vomiting since morning after breakfast...then there's this on and off feeling that make me so uncomfortable and I was contemplating if I should go out at night. It felt better after a while and I met yuan Ee at taka.

We went kino to get my book then we had korean fish cake soup thingy which was yummy and because I felt quite not ok so I wasn't enjoying it fully.

Walked over to ion to check out sephora then walked back to wisma and I went to lush. Got my daddy o and h'suan wen hua hair conditioner.

After we walked back to taka to have a drink and we had to cut short of our date as I was feeling terrible! Went home and vomited my dinner and was running a fever

Spend my whole sat feeling very uncomfortable and have diarrhea the entire day...thank goodness I'm already feeling better..just on and off headache and the tightness around my neck.. God hope I recover soon. Can't take mc cuz I dont wanna get threaten by boss for my confirmation next year.

I hate you job, sometimes I really detest you

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Saturday, July 14, 2012
Bestie and my endless rant

I am reblogging again because my last post is gone. Fuck

Ok. I was saying when my parents are abroad, I rely alot of my bestie to accompany me because I don't like to be alone which scares me. The quietness overwhelms and scares me alot. Seeing her like 2 days in a row.

I really like talking to her. She is so animated and such a drama queen which is so funny hahahaha! I guess BFF are like that..nothing much to hide too!

Then comes my rant.. I am emo they I'm not at comic con to see my twilight! Timing was too unfortunate because I have never planned to go there until I saw Avenger! And I wanna see if Chris Evans is like 10000% more shuai in real life!

Please control me when I am at Lush, Sephora, VS ok! And please dont let me be do excited when I see Chris Evans too ok! Curse that eugene if he continues spending! -.-

2013 gonna be awesome!

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Saturday, July 07, 2012
Go with the flow

I have fear for traveling with friends, let's hope everything goes ok next year! Just increased my savings for this purposes! Hwaiting!

Work is ok but hope it gets better and people get less sickening! I hate going to work sometimes but never mind, for the sake of the money..

Whatever~ -.-

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Wednesday, July 04, 2012
Vanity Trove ~Tangs Edition

I was eagerly expecting my box to be delivered in June! What's more the delivery week was during my birthday week which makes it more exciting. Anticipating a surprise.

Like Bellabox (Birchbox in USA), VT is a monthly beauty subscription box that gives you deluxe to full size samples to try out every month. You may opt for monthly, 3 monthly or annual subscription. I like this concept as it gives me option to try out a product before deciding if I want to get a full size one.

Look what came in a a Sunday morning! I like how professional and service oriented the staff are. Fancy receiving a package on a Sunday (rest day). I am in love with the packaging. :)

Overview of the products I have gotten!

 Box of surprise filled with confetti and awesome products!

I think the $25 price tag is really reasonable and I am overwhelmed by all the products and am most excited to use the SKII products which is so expensive that I don't bear to splurge my money on. I really like the perfumes samples but too bad I didn't get Marc Jacob Daisy which is one of the perfumes I would like to try.

Sadly, I did not receive any nail polish but it's okay, since I'm given more facial care products that I've never tried before. I'd prolly stay subscribed to this service and hopefully it doesn't disappoint me.

I don't like sometimes such service gives you something awesome for 1 month, then slacked off the next month. I'm looking forward for my next edition of VT! <3

Want to get your hands on this? It's simple, here's what you need to do in 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Go to http://www.vanitytrove.com/
Step 2: Create and account and opt  for the subscription you would like
Step 3: Wait for your box to arrive!
Step 4: Be Beautifully Surprised!!

Special occasion but can't get a good gift? Finding a gift for your mother, sister, girlfriend and want something unique? Try this!  They also offer a "Gift A Gift" which you can choose from 1,3,6,12 month gift options.

PS: They are not sponsoring me for this post. I have purchased this service with my own money and all opinion are my own. :)

PPS: I have terminated my service with Bellabox, don't get me wrong. I love their service, but I wanna try Glamabox and I don't wanna be subscribed to so many service, furthermore, there is an increase in the price of the box so I don't know if it will be worth my money. I'd try 1 or 2 months of Glamabox before I decide again. I may re-subscribed to Bellabox, shall wait for my July box to come in. I'd blog about Glamabox once I received them.

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Monday, July 02, 2012
And because

I have an awesome birthday at the Night Safari on my actual birthday.

Operation save money mode : ON

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