Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Strangely, I find that peacefully calming.

Spend last 2 night cleaning up my room and hoping it is less messy which doesn't help but then again it's better now. I have at least 6 bags of stuff, to give away, that are presents.

Looking forward to Halloween Horror this year! It's gonna be awesome! Although still couldn't figure out whatever the theme might be. It shows a dictator/general and a politician.

I like that we are no longer friends. I like that the others don't bother to talk to me even though I am not talking to you. I like that social media allows me to block everyone of them from my contacts. I like that even whatsapp can do the same blocking, even LINE app.

I had a wonderful birthday this year. I am very grateful for the gifts I have recieved
- money from parents
- juicy couture bracelet
- ORRO Ring
- YSL Lipsticks + Lip scrub & Treatment
- YSL creme gel & Kiss&Blush
- Swarovski (sp) Pen
- Urban Decay Ammo Palette & Mac Lipgloss

I think I'm blessed with good family, good friends and material goods.

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Friday, July 04, 2014
Being grateful

Many of times I feel I take a lot of people for granted. I think sometimes I am someone who only complains about everything and only when I feel down or unhappy, I’d go find my friends to complain. I remember constantly whatsapp-ing Eugene the “I hate my job” every now and then. Sometimes I wonder what did I do to be blessed with good family and good friends.

I am very temperamental. I am plagued with mood swings – like I can be happy like one moment and the next thing my face turned black and I am pissed off. Thankfully I am fortunate to have very good friends who can put up with my nonsense. #grateful
Here I am giving thanks to all the people who stayed with me despite me being this emo shit weirdo freak.

They say you can choose your friends but never your family. They are the ones who will truly accept and love you despite your flaws and whatever bad things that you may have committed. Although sometimes we may not see things the same way, at least we know they are always there to support and encourage us.

She is always the one listening to my rants and crying alot. Even before I was able to open up to my friends. She is self-less, generous and nicest most patient person I have ever known. Thank you for always taking care of me and being the sweetest person! I am thankful to have you since poly times and always encouraging me and giving me good advices.

There are a number of people to thank here…

Bestie – I am thankful to have her in my life. I know I have said this in a post long ago about having a best friend. I know we just to be good-ok friends. Not the ones where you can share anything and everything with. Our common interests were merely music and food and neoprints. We meet once in a while and usually just catch up. However it was just on the surface.
I guess her experiences in Swiss made us closer. I am grateful that we are really so close now. To the point that I could tell her almost everything and she could do the same too. We text each other almost every day and meet every other day.

She had to put up with my emo nonsense and falling sick and bouts of whining because of the somebodies. We have mutual understanding and dislike almost the same stuff.  Thankful that she always encourages me! Even when she was at Aussie, she will find wifi and chat with me!
For that I am grateful.

Eugene – my partner in crime and my scandal. He is the only guy so close that we are already beyond that BGR thing. He always hears me rant about shit. I am thankful that because of those somebodies, I know he is the best!

Always find it very calming to talk to him. He will try to knock sense into me and give me a different perspective. He never fails to put a smile on my face! J although most of the time he is super busy with school, he will always reply to my messages and also find time to meet

GC – the most nonsense guy who always makes me LOL! I don’t even know how we are able to sprout all sorts on nonsense on whatsapp. We weren’t even close at one point in time. He was close to Eugene and we only met up for dinner, together with Cas.

Then I guess being able to spend more time with them helps. I remember always complaining why he is so fucking tired when he meets us. Then Eugene tells me he is actually very nonsense and chatty and I didn’t believe him. He seemed like a solemn and no-nonsense guy.

Ok lah, have to admit I always bully him and  he is always the one who treats me dinner (cuz he was late, so it’s his fault) and offers to get movie tickets. Although I may ask him out for movie, ends up he is the one purchasing ticket. Hahahah
And he always makes me LOL with his nonsense and Chris Evans impersonation.

Peiru – although we don’t always get a chance to meet often, I know she is always there for me. Sometimes she would message to check on me, esp my emo period. We have a kind of mutual understanding and bond. A lot of times I try not to bother her with my problems and struggles because I know she has hers (esp she has a bbg and sometimes troublesome in-laws to handle). Nonetheless, I am blessed to have her in my life!

Eileen & Stella – my zi ji~ these girls are my everything! We may not have known each other for very long, but we just clicked! It’s like an instant connection. They share my ups and downs. They are my pillar of strength. They never fail to make me laugh, and LALA always getting scolded by us!! I am grateful that I am able to know them and they make me stay grounded and endless support and love I get from them!! Especially touched when the lazy girl came all the way to visit me when I was on HL and she stays in Bedok!
Shirley & Eddy – they are my best friends since CPF days. I missed working with them. We all have different jobs now but we still try to find time to meet up! Glad that we are still able to have strong friendship despite us leaving!

Wahidah & Janna – my partners-in-crime! I thinking RnP brought us closer. We are able to share the joy and sorrow in working. I missed  you ladies a lot! Mama Banu is always there to give us good advice, especially when we feel very discouraged and upset at work. Thanks for making my worklife in SC more enjoyable!
Rashikin – my jiemei!! He’s the best! Flamboyant and such a diva. He is always so humorous and bitchy la. We always bitch about those people and I always have fun meeting up with him. I am glad our seating arrangement that time allow us to be able to talk more and become closer! He makes work life at SC less stressful and more awesome.

Friends come and go. Some of them make a lasting impression in your life; some are there to pick you up when you fall. I am thankful and very blessed to have such wonderful, awesome and lovely friends in my life. Although I do not seem like a good friend sometimes, they are forgiving and understanding. They keep my grounded, they keep me going and they are my pillar of strength! I love them for everything and I am honoured that I have them in my life. They are the best things in my life and I am grateful that my friendships with them still remains strong and definitely get stronger in the years to come.
I am grateful that although I do have many shit in my life. There is rainbow after the rain; I know who my true friends are! Thank you for accepting my flaws – I am emo, messed up (sometimes), temperamental, and blunt. Thank you for sharing my ups and downs, my happiness and sadness!

I love you all for making my life so much meaningful and fruitful. I don’t know where I will be without every single one of you!

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