Monday, May 04, 2015
Type of Guy I like

Although sometimes I go gushing over a handsome or muscular man (ahem~Chris Evans) but at the end of the day, looks doesn't really matter. It does to some aspects but he gotta be 耐看. As we know, beauty fades, even the most handsome or prettiest will soon be meh.

I like the nerdy/geeky boys but the problem with them? They tend to be shy and reserved. I remember my cousin ever telling me that I seem to want to create best of both world (which only exists in novels/movies). 

He needs to make me laugh and hold me when I feel sad/hurt. Comforts me when I feel down and motivates me when I feel dejected. He needs to know how to make his move. He can shower me with light kisses, back hugs and words of encouragement. And he must be brave to protect me from harm. He gotta be patient to endure my nonsense.

He needs to be a good and filial son, a reliable friend. He has to be hardworking and works hard for our future together. He needs to be there to build our love nest and not stray towards pretty things.

I guess at the the end of the day, he just gotta have a good heart and character.

hydefied - @ 10:57