Wednesday, May 06, 2015
The thing about me

A lot of times I tell myself not to put myself through things, especially when love is concern. I thought I will be stronger but I realised I am very weak. Love is my kryptonite..sigh. I told myself I am not going to fall in love but end up I just dig the hole deeper and deeper.

I know there is a mutual feeling. I know I am not supposed to reciprocate the feeling. You made me have butterflies in my stomach, you make me have a tinge of happiness when I see your message popping up. And then the silence. No reply nothing. Sigh, I guess I shouldn't be this way. I think my problem? I fall in love too easily or maybe I long for someone to care for me, more than just a friend but I guess #foreveralone

Anyway I am just very tired of waiting. I rather you tell me honestly you don't want to talk to me than leave me hanging. It is probably just me and my fucked up brain. You're probably just busy so I'm over-thinking and this makes me wanna cry.

I wish I was stronger.

I wish my heart was less vulnerable to sweet talks and shit

I wish you didn't tell me nice things.

I wish we hadn't talked

I wish we could be together

I wish......

I just want to be stronger.

hydefied - @ 08:28