Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Someone you love

I don't know if my decision to be with you is right. You told me you don't like me messaging other guys so I said ok, I'd tell them I won't message them anymore. But is that enough? I feel insecure being with you but then I want to be with you.

Why is it so complicated sometimes? I hide away because I don't wanna face it but in reality I just wanna be me.

I don't like to smile and say everything is alright when clearly it isn't. You say you wanna give it a try but I feel insecure now. Only a few weeks into this and I already feel like part of me is dying away.


Sometimes I wonder if my quest for love is in the wrong direction :/ maybe love shouldn't make you feel insecure, love shouldn't make you feel like crying every other day. I remember a certain lyric to a song - I don't wanna fall in love, your love felt just like a knife. You make the knife feel good.

When I was young, love seem like a beautiful thing. 

Can it be less hurting? I hope my decision is right

hydefied - @ 07:26